Zeta Audiovisual

Zeta Audiovisual is an audiovisual production and distribution company funded in 2005.

Its background encompasses feature-length films as well as documentaries, TV shows and entertainment programs, such as game shows, reality shows, magazine programs, coaching, etc.

Its first production, Miguel Bardem’s Mortadelo y Filemón, Mission: Save the Earth (2008), stands out among its most well-known movie projects. It was a box-office success, with an audience of over 1.3M. Smoke and Mirrors (2016), directed by Alberto Rodríguez, stands out as well with 11 Goya Awards nominations.

The television show Élite, whose first season will be available on NETFLIX in October and has just been renewed for two more seasons by the network, will be available on its platform.
As for documentaries, it is currently producing Albert Solé’s Examen de conciencia [“Soul searching”] and it is developing Regreso a Raqqa [“Back to Raqqa”], a documentary about the story of journalist Marc Marginedas, also directed by Albert Solé.

Zeta Cinema

Zeta Cinema was born committed to becoming Spain’s leading cinema production company. As a film production company, it finds its balance between higher-quality cinema and box-office hits. Its own development and production area channels the investments driven towards audiovisual projects with a guarantee of success, participating in all phases of the project’s entire management, from inception to screening.

Mortadelo y Filemón: Mission: Save the Earth (2008) was its first film, a box-office success. Later came Three meters above the sky (2010), which became the highest grossing movie of 2010, earning 10 million euros. Afterwards came The opposite of love (2011) and I want you (2012), with the latter reaching the top-ten highest grossing films in the history of Spanish cinema.

Later, Combustión (2013) directed by Daniel Calparsoro, Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang (2013), directed by Oskar Santos, Ismael (2013), directed by Marcelo Pineyro and Mortadelo y Filemón: Mission Implausible (2014) were released; the latter was a box-office hit with an audience of almost one million viewers, and it was nominated to 6 Goya Awards.

Zeta Cinema also produced Now or never (2015), Spy Time (2015), Smoke and Mirrors (2016), Don’t blame it on your karma (2016) the recent The Laws of Thermodynamics (2017), Sunday’s Illness (2017) and the long-awaited Javier Ruiz Caldera’s Súperlopez (2018).

Zeta Audiovisual Aragón

Zeta Audiovisual Aragón was created in 2007 with a project dedicated to television production, and particularly to generate contents fit for TV and other autonomous networks. Since then, its programs have become an asset thanks to a stable team of professionals whose talent is one of the company’s higher-stake bets. Some of its benchmark programs include Bulevar magazine, the cultural program X Amor al Arte [“For the Fun of it”], which ran for five years, or the educational documentary program Tempero [“Tilth”], which is still an audience hit after eleven years. As a stable supplier of Aragon TV, ZAA has produced a wide scope of genres, from game shows such as Aragón a Pie de Calle [“Aragon at street level”], to musicals, like Ratones y Vinilos [“Mice and LPs”] or Comunidad Sonora [“The Resounding Community”]. And, especially, programs that are strongly committed to social realities, like Segunda Oportunidad [“Second Chance”], La Madriguera [“The Den”], Nosotras [“Us”] or Sostenibles [“Sustainabilities”]. Some of its shows, like Imperdibles [“Must-See”] or Menudos Vecinos [“Some kind of Neighbors”], have also been broadcast on other autonomous networks like Canal Extremadura, where Extremeñas [“Extremadurans”] is currently broadcast on Wednesdays’ prime time.

Toma Buena

TOMA BUENA is a post-production and VFX company equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an excellent human team with a long career path and experience in high-level cinematographic projects. The most recent works we are developing at Toma Buena include the show “La Peste” [“The Plague”] (T1 and T2) for Movistar and the feature-length “Taxi a Gibraltar” [“Taxi to Gibraltar”] for Atresmedia. It has been responsible for the post-production of films like “Marshlands” and documentaries like “Sanz”, amassing over 50 movie and television productions in total, which have selected our facilities to complete their productions with the highest international standards. The facilities at Toma Buena are over 400 square meters and they include top-notch equipment, five editing rooms, a Místika color grading room and many VFX stations on a Nuke base to tackle the complete process from image and sound capturing to the final DCP production.

Código Sur

It’s Zeta Audiovisual’s latest business inclusion. Headquartered in Andalusia, it is fueled by the experience of its whole team, which has worked over 15 years in the industry, having won over a hundred national and international awards with their production, including 16 Goya Awards, 3 San Sebastián Silver Shells, 1 Award from the European Film Academy, two Platinum Awards and numerous nominations to the Goya Awards and to the Latin Grammys.